Explore Jumeirah Lake Towers

Updated on Saturday 22nd April 2017

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One of the most wanted, appreciated and imposing developments in Dubai is definitely Jumeirah Lake Towers, where 80 towers seem to guard the remarkable metropolis alongside the artificial lakes. Exclusive hotels, amazing restaurants, deluxe malls, and lots of fun places can be found at Jumeirah Lake Towers. Once you have arrived here and you wish to discover as much as you can, we invite you to rent luxury cars in Dubai and feel just like the sheiks in the UAE. In the same high-class line, we suggest you rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai, especially if you want to attend to business meetings and you want to make a flawless impression.

Jumeirah Lake Towers, a successful project in Dubai

When JLT was opened in Dubai, there were only three hotels and numerous luxurious condominiums for rent. But the developments didn’t stop here, other hotels rose from the solid ground beside numerous medical centers, schools, mosques, metro stations, office towers, and universities. There are more than 180,000 citizens who live and work here, enjoying the relaxation and the luxurious life in a city full of opportunities. As for the fun part at Jumeirah Lake Towers, you can enjoy the incredible views of the lakes, with lots of green parks, or you can wait for the night and see how people set the parties on fire in the private clubs. If you want to arrive in big style to a special event at the JLT, we recommend you rent a Lamborghini, a car which serves as a business card.

Jumeirah Lake Towers is the largest free zone in Dubai

Are you coming to Dubai for business purposes? You should know that Jumeirah Lake Towers is a free zone, the largest in Dubai, where entrepreneurs have successful businesses, due to the attractive commodities sectors among many others. The high-class center is a solid player on the market where the authorities encouraged all sorts of investments, the real estate sector leading from the beginning. There are more than 1,000 companies registered in the JLT free zone, all of them enjoying numerous and important benefits. The Almas Tower in Dubai is the most appreciated one, being the tallest commercial tower, where trading activities with gold, diamonds and all kinds of precious stones are on the important business list among other significant activities. The same tower has luxurious hotel rooms, beautiful restaurants and coffee shops where tourists are welcomed in the warmest way and with deluxe facilities.

While in Dubai, have some time and drive in style to the Jumeirah Lake Towers. Our luxury car rental representatives can help you in this matter, our luxury car rental services in Dubai being here for any occasion that might arise. Please do not hesitate to contact our team.