Explore Ferrari 488 Pista, a Track-Ready Supercar

Updated on Wednesday 14th March 2018

Ferrari is the type of sports car which turns heads wherever it might be. The brand is always one step ahead of others and continues to focus on race cars adaptable to road purposes. Ferrari 488 Pista is a challenging sports car and the most recent model of the well-known car producer. Visitors or locals in search of a great driving experience can ask for our luxury car rental services in Dubai and choose a proper vehicle for any purposes they might have. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can offer information and assistance if you want to rent a Ferrari.

Driving a sports car like Ferrari Pista 488

The need for race experiences made the sports cars producers adapt their models to the requirements on the market. This is how Ferrari presented the Pista 488 model with special attributes like the track-ready supercar. Testing a powerful car does not imply running on a race with such vehicle because the track-ready supercar is developed exactly for non-competitive purposes and used only at special events. 710 HP, a V8 engine just like the ones implemented on McLaren cars, magnetorheological suspension, Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer to adjust the brake caliper pressure, and lots of carbon fiber elements are part of the brand-new Ferrari model Pista 488.

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Full inspiration for Ferrari Pista 488

Ferrari cars look amazing at any time and represent the image of how great sports cars should look like. With inspirations found in previous race car models, but with all the features to align with the legal requirements, Ferrari Pista 488 is the special sports car adapted to roads and meant to offer about the same driving sensations related to the Formula One. If you want to impress your friends when deciding for a memorable vacation in Dubai, you have the chance to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and expect the unexpected.

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