Enjoy an Extravagant Room at 7 Stars Burj Al Arab Hotel

Updated on Friday 31st March 2017

Enjoy an Extravagant Room at 7 Stars Burj Al Arab Hotel Image
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The attractive 7 stars Burj al Arab hotel

Searching for complete lavishness may lead you to the 7 stars Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, a 280-m building that rapidly transformed into a symbol of the metropolis. According to statistics, Burj Al Arab is the most photographed edifice in the world, many times voted as the most sumptuous hotel worldwide. No wonder a hotel room here might exceed $ 24,000! Found in the heart of Dubai, and rapidly recognized due to its interesting sail of a ship shape, Burj al Arab is a hotel built on an artificial island, which offers exclusive facilities for people with sophisticated taste who enjoy luxury and anything that has to do with it. VIPs, movie stars and officials from around the world enjoyed quality times at the 7 stars Burj Al Arab hotel, which is considered to be the only accommodation rated with seven stars in the world.

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Why having a special time at Burj Al Arab in Dubai?

Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is for sure above expectations, where you and your family or friends can be treated just like the princes in Dubai, with no reservations. You can enjoy yourself with special dining restaurants, where top chefs will cook for you, and besides that, you can ask for a personal assistant or butler, who is available 24/7 and takes care of your utmost requests. Burj Al Arab is recognized for its hospitality, complete deluxe, amazing amenities, and stunning views.

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