Dubai Ice Rink, a Cold Place in a Hot City

Updated on Sunday 30th July 2017

Dubai Ice Rink, a Cold Place in a Hot City Image
Dubai is a hot city with an average temperature of 41 degrees Celsius during the summer and 23 during the winter months. If you plan a summer holiday and you want to cool down a little, we suggest you visit Dubai Ice Rink, a cold place found at the Dubai Mall. The entire family can have an amazing time and enjoy skate sessions or birthday parties. No matter the purpose of your visit in Dubai, you have the possibility of renting luxury cars in Dubai and feel just like the sheiks of the Emirates. Our special fleet of cars can be described by our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai who can also make suggestions and personalized offers.

Have some fun at Dubai Ice Rink

Besides shopping sessions at Dubai Mall, you might want to enter a different world that can offer amazing moments. At Dubai Ice Rink, you can enjoy a winter fun with skating sessions included, for both adults and children. If you have in mind a special birthday party, you can go to Dubai Ice Rink and enjoy the fun activities that await you here. It is good to know that if you don’t know how to skate, you can ask for a coach who can give such lessons for groups of at least 10 persons. For pros, a coach at Dubai Ice Rink can teach everyone some dance moves on the skating ring, with the help of disco music. 

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Dubai Ice Rink – What to expect

Would you like to get rid of the heat and enjoy low temperatures? Dubai Ice Rink is the proper place to do that. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to freely skate on an enormous ice rink. And for a touch of magic in the middle of the desert, don’t miss the snow falling on you while you are dancing and skating to the rhythm of the music. An interesting fact regards the students who visit Dubai Ice Rink, and that is a special skating session named “physics behind ice skating”, where the youngsters can find out more about the physics of every move.

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