Driverless Cars in Dubai, a Project for 2030

Updated on Wednesday 13th July 2016

Driverless Cars in Dubai, a Project for 2030 Image
Many companies and research institutes around the world are pumping money into connected to internet and independent cars, but there are few cities and states accepting this kind of idea.
In Dubai, the driverless cars are part of a very important project, which will be completed in 2030.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said that a quarter of all voyages will be made with the help of driverless cars by 2030 and this opportunity will lead to the citys’ new investments in this sector. 

Creating the proper environment for driverless cars in Dubai

The UK government, in strong relations with the UAE, has transformed research projects into smart mobility ones, which are expected to be worth £900 billion (Dh4.77 trillion) a year by 2025. 

The project has a team which investigates levels of confidence and tolerance of driverless cars, but also the legal and insurance consequences of their use in Dubai. This major project is investigating how the technology can be used to deliver greater independence to older people. 

British Atkins Company, the global manufacturer of intelligent mobility and the one involved in Dubai’s driverless car project, has mentioned six ground rules that have to be in order: digital and physical groundwork, records capture and exploitation competence, cyber security, management and partnership between designers and city leaders.

Safety above all

Autonomous vehicles are now being pushed as more proficient and safer than today’s vehicles, permitting for the conception of “freight trains", for example, heavy goods cars huddled carefully together with growing road capacity.

Generating an environment where the isolated sector knows that a metropolis is serious about its motivations for driverless cars, can start to improve world-leading universal test centers, where people would want to come and authenticate their services and new technology in a safe method.

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