Drive the Powerful BMW M2 in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 25th May 2017

Drive the Powerful BMW M2 in Dubai Image
They say that the strong essences are kept in small bottles, the same is available for the daring and powerful BMW M2, a car that reaches 100 km/h in just 4 seconds. Would you like to rent a BMW M2 in Dubai? Let our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai take care of your requests and present our prestigious fleet. You might be interested in renting luxury cars in Dubai, no matter the purpose of your visit, as long as you have proper and exclusive transportation.

Why is BMW M2 a special car?

Those 365 HP implemented on the BMW M2 offer controlled power and utmost performances never met in a car with small sizes. For complete confidence, BMW M2 comes with a six-speed manual transmission, stop-and-go traffic system, cross-drilled rotors, park distance control, and steering response and pushes the limits every time you drive it. As for the exteriors, BMW M2 is for sure an attractive car with stunning shapes, perfect headlights, a daring grille and a brave design in general. If you want to rent a BMW M2 in Dubai, we suggest you ask for a personalized offer from our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai. Our team can also offer information if you want to rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai for your exclusive meetings or business plans in the city.

Short story of BMW M2

BMW M2 was launched in 2015 as a sports coupe of the 2-series of the model. The German manufacturers wanted to add extra power in a luxurious and attractive car like BMW M2. The sporty look is blended with the elegance of BMWs, where the 365 HP can be felt and controlled entirely once you have the chance to drive this special car. And for extra spiciness, BMW M2 has the launch control system which permits a start with maximum acceleration without a clutch pedal, but with constant force transmission while swapping at full control. The BMW M2 successfully entered the European, Asian and American markets, being quite an achievement since the day it was launched. 

If you want to rent a BMW M2 in Dubai, we invite you to contact our team of luxury car rental consultants in Dubai. You may choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai if you want a stress-free holiday.