Drive a Porsche 911 GTS in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 19th March 2017

Drive a Porsche 911 GTS in Dubai Image
Porsche 911 has always been a great car, ready to give its best and to be on the first position in its sports car category. The 2017 edition brings more power, luxury features and a fresh and attractive looks. You are invited to meet our luxury cars for rent in Dubai and to choose your deluxe transportation while visiting the outstanding city. Our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai can offer suitable information about how to rent a Porsche in Dubai.

What’s new on Porsche 911 GTS?

Sports Chrono packs for dynamic engine plinths, suspension lowered by 10 millimeters, steering wheel-mounted mode switch are part of the improvements that come with Porsche 911 GTS. And for a complete description of this iconic car, we would like to add the 370 HP and the 3.6 seconds necessary to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. The car creators wanted to offer the same characteristics regarding the engine, where the twin-turbocharged motor completes perfectly with the 7-speed automatic transmission but adding some horsepower for extra adrenaline behind the wheel. In other words, this car can be so fast that you might not want to blink, not even for a second while seeing a Porsche 911 GTS in Dubai.

If you are searching for adrenaline and utmost feelings behind the wheel, our team can help you rent a Ferrari in Dubai. There will be no regrets, only pure joy if instead of Ferrari you decide to rent a Roll-Royce in Dubai.

Coupe or convertible? Choose your Porsche 911 GTS in Dubai

If you want to feel like a movie star or just like the princes in Dubai, get yourself a yellow Porsche 911 GTS convertible with a retro-themed central roll bar, fine leather interiors, vintage panel and two sports seats made with complete attention to details, as the Porsche builders always do. As for the coupe model of Porsche 911 GTS, get ready to meet new thrills and shivers down the spine from the first moment you see this gorgeous car. As a piece of advice, why not driving a red-hot Porsche 911 GTS?

Please feel free to contact our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai for extra info about the brand-new and addictive Porsche 911 GTS, and about our luxury car rental services in Dubai.