Archive - January 2018

FXX-K Evo is Ferrari's New Toy

January 22, 2018

Ferrari is known for its tremendous releases on the automotive market, where imagination has no limits. In big lines, this is how Ferrari FXX-K Evo made its entrance, placing the force as the main element of this incredible sports car.

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Audi RS4 Avant, the Desired Car in 2018

January 16, 2018

The RS4 Avant model of Audi has a very special status and that is a brand-new engine which was developed with the help of Porsche engineers. The car offers unthinkable sensations and a proper stability in any kind of terrain.

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Lamborghini Urus, an Interesting SUV Expected in 2019

January 13, 2018

To show the world a different kind of perspective and idea about ferocious and fast cars, Lamborghini designed something new and completely stunning. This is Lamborghini Urus, the second SUV of the company.

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