Admire Dubai from a Hot Air Balloon

Updated on Sunday 14th May 2017

Admire Dubai from a Hot Air Balloon Image
Have you ever dreamed of being the king of the world? In a way or another, you can be on top of the world if you fly with a hot air balloon over Dubai, an amazing city which can be even more exciting from above. Before you jump into the clouds, we remind that you can rent luxury cars in Dubai. Complete information and details about our remarkable fleet can be obtained on request from our luxury car rental representatives in Dubai.

The beautiful architecture of Dubai seen from the sky

Burj al-Arab, Burj Dubai, Jumeirah Towers and many other imposing buildings can be seen and admired in the same time from above 1,200 meters in the sky. The golden dunes of Dubai and the beautiful Arabian Gulf are part of a perfect picture, especially if they are perceived from a hot air balloon above Dubai. If you choose the morning ride, don’t forget to bring your camera because the sunrises in Dubai are simply amazing, painted in perfect and vibrant colors which incredibly mix with the imposing and futuristic architecture. Right after you get back from the clouds, you will enjoy a festive breakfast with the crew, make the final pictures and receive a certificate which attests you have been transported into heaven and touched the sky for at least one hour, as this is a tradition.

Before enjoying Dubai from a hot air balloon, we remind that you can have a great vacation with no stress about the transportation. You can rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai and taste a little bit from luxury and elegance. And if you still seek for adrenaline, you can rent a sports car in Dubai. We remind that you can rely on our luxury car rental services in Dubai, if you want a great car for your journey.

Hot air balloon for corporate events in Dubai

There are many corporate events for which you might want to rent a luxury car in Dubai, therefore, our remarkable fleet can be your top option while in the outstanding city. The experience in Dubai can be unique if you gather friends or colleagues and visit the sky from a hot air balloon. Check before any booking and see if the packages include special offers for groups of 20 or more and meet your special requirements.

We invite you to contact our team for luxury car rental agents in Dubai and receive detailed information about your transportation in the city.