Rent a Helicopter in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 03rd December 2016

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Immerse yourself in the iconic marvels of Dubai with a unique helicopter tour. From desert mirage to architectural wonders, our picturesque tours offer the supreme sights of the city’s famous architecture. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai offer the privilege to rent an exquisite and private helicopter, in order to have a magnificent experience in the beautiful city of Dubai. Also, for exclusive moments and unforgettable holidays, you can rent a luxury car in Dubai.

Why you should choose a helicopter for transportation in Dubai

Our fast, efficient and stylish helicopters can transport you to the center of a sporting concert or event, set down on an inaccessible ski resort, or guarantee you will be on time for an important meeting. For the record, renting a helicopter in Dubai is an experience that infuses the intimate magnetism and beautiful details of the UAE’s iconic fascinations and it fully shows the brilliance of cities, including Dubai, that are surrounded by burnt desert and sparkling sea.

Helicopter rental services in Dubai

Our rental services include also every special request and here we mention the following:

•    a fast and efficient transfer service across the UAE when you need to organize a private transport for your CEO;
•    a proper transportation for those who need to attend an important meeting;
•    a great choice of conveyance for people who need to join a premier event in the city;
•    the opportunity to enjoy a private helicopter tour.

 Types of rental helicopters in Dubai

Our specially constructed helicopters are wonderfully designed with hand-stitched leather interiors, quiet compartments and also air-conditioning. For the most suitable way of getting to meetings, conferences or conventions, business travelers and managers are guided to select the “Business Helicopter Charter, with the help of our luxury car rental agents in Dubai. This kind of transportation is getting you to the chosen destination in style and it also offers an extremely flexible mode to travel. 

Whether you are attending an exquisite event like “Abu Dhabi F1”, “Dubai World Cup”, or if you are staying at the Burj Al Arab, choosing to arrive by helicopter is a highly suitable travel choice. 
Besides the private transfer options, our team of consultants can also arrange a “Private Helicopter Charter”, in order to enjoy the spectacular aerial views of Dubai. As a reminder, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, if you wish to have an incredible holiday and beautiful memories.

Please feel free to contact our team of luxury car rental agents if you want to rent a helicopter in Dubai


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