Long-term Car Rental in Dubai

Updated on Friday 12th August 2016

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If you want to rent luxury car in Dubai for a long-term instead of buying one you can have many benefits.

A long-term car rental in Dubai is regularly the proper solution for drivers who often change vehicles.

Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai can offer you a wide range offer of sports cars, SUVs, or exotic vehicles like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes or Pagani. You can also rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai.

The pros of long-term car rental in Dubai

Here are some cases in which a long-term car rental will match your transportation needs in Dubai:

•    you are preparing a long holiday;
•    you don’t wish to purchase a used vehicle;
•    you frequently travel on business voyages;
•    you are dealing with many changes in your travel requests;
•    you are a foreign student or you got an internship.

Choosing a long-term car rental in Dubai comes with lots of benefits, like:

•    the option of driving a new vehicle at a lower monthly amount;
•    qualified driver with no extra payment;
•    no contract renewal;
•    driving your rental car without thinking about cost repairs;
•    24 h roadside support;
•    courtesy car granted during repairs;
•    free same-class car replacement.

Choose the proper car for your needs in Dubai

Our agents offer you the proper luxury car rental service in Dubai that comes with a wide range of extra services for local and worldwide clients. 

Also, we are able to please your every request and provide you with superior services and excellent benefits for your outstanding holidays in Dubai, top class business journeys and corporate occasions.

You can choose our long-term car rental services in Dubai and enjoy to drive outstanding cars like Audi, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati, MINI Cooper or Hummer. 

You will benefit from our shiny and extravagant vehicles, while enjoying the most luxurious, stylish and comfortable interiors the market has to propose. 

Please feel free to contact our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai for any other questions or information about long-term car rental in the city.


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